How to Start SEO with 1 Quick Test and 3 Small Steps

How to start SEO with 1 Quick Test and 3 Small Steps

Would you like to get started with SEO? But you aren’t sure if it’s worth all the effort?

Many start-ups neglect SEO in their early days. And it makes sense. They have limited time and resources. So it’s hard to commit to such a time-consuming pursuit.

But later, when they need to find scalable growth strategies, they shift their focus and find that getting SEO results is easier than they thought. And they regret not starting sooner. I’ve been there, done that, wasted a year and $60,000 cranking out content with no regard for SEO, and wished I had started SEO sooner.

So I want to help you discover that success before you make the same mistake. Continue reading

How to Choose SEO Keywords with Confidence

choose the best seo keywords with alexa's keyword difficulty tool

Keyword research for SEO is non-negotiable.

Your SEO performance and your website traffic depend on it.

And the growth of your business is increasingly tied to it.

But, choosing the right SEO keywords for your website content is exceedingly difficult. Particularly for small to mid-sized businesses whose domain authority is a far cry from the Inc.’s and CNN’s of the world. Continue reading