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At Alexa, our goal is to give you the digital marketing tools you need to increase the value and visibility of your site on the web.

As such, we are proud to announce big (and, might we add, beautiful) improvements to the SEO Audit Tool.

Site Audits are a crucial component for website optimization and SEO. It’s a highly functional way to evaluate your performance on the Internet on a variety of criteria – security, load time, tagging, and reputation, to name a few. Ultimately, a great site audit can help fix problems that are inhibiting valuable traffic to your site, as well as inform new strategies to boost ROI.

Regular site audits have become a business necessity, and failing to integrate them into your workflow may result in lackluster website traffic, lost customers, and failed conversions. In performing a great site audit, you can boost the performance of your site in search engines, make your content and business more accessible to customers, and, as a result, drive strong conversions and sales.

So what changed?

Site Audit Navigation

Better Navigation

The beautiful new Site Audit design is entirely reconfigured with your workflow in mind. With more streamlined navigation you can now filter easily, narrowing in on your most important topics and areas of improvement. Green – you’re good! Red – take a look; action is needed.

We know you have a lot on your plate, so we reorganized the Site Audit to make it easier than ever to identify and implement suggestions to improve your site, without any of the noise.

Site Audit Actionable Recommendations

Actionable Recommendations

In the new Site Audit, you always know exactly how you’re doing and what to do next. In each category, we tell you what we scanned and explain why each topic is important to your success. Our actionable recommendations and site improvement tips are also now more clearly expressed and easy to follow.

For example, if you need to quickly identify broken links (which can undermine user experience and affect placement in search engines), we deliver a full list of problem links, including broken references to images and redirects, and exactly where they are found. A full list of these items is also completely downloadable via CSV.

You should never scratch your head wondering what your next step is. With the new Site Audit, find exactly what you need in a flash and pump up your productivity.

Site Audit Grading


In today’s world, industry trends and standards are constantly changing (and quickly). In the new Site Audit, we fine-tuned our grading system to accommodate for these market changes. For this reason, you may see slight variation in past grades. However, you can be confident that your tasks and performance are aligned with the most current and best practices.

You may also notice that we’ve added your previous grade to the Report Summary. It’s important that you always know where you stand and if your hard work is paying off. With your previous and most recent grade juxtaposed front and center, now you can easily compare your progress at a glance. We’ve also added your next report date so you know what’s coming and how much time you have to take action!

Site Audit Customized Export


Finally, downloads are easier than ever! We’ve combined all your reports into one awesome panel where you can pick and choose exactly what you need at any given time. Scanning and reporting on up to 32 different criteria, you’ll get the most complete picture of your performance. And with the option for either PDF or CSV* format, you can customize your workflow exactly the way you like.

We’ve worked hard to deliver you a Site Audit that’s better, faster, easier, clearer. Ultimately, we designed it for you – so you can optimize your site, your strategy, and make the most informed decisions for your business.


Alexa Full Site Audits, which include an SEO Audit plus technical performance recommendations, are included as part of our Advanced and Advanced High Traffic subscriptions. SEO Audits only are included with our Insight subscription. 

*where applicable

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer is Marketing Manager at Alexa. With a knack for syntax and passion for building connections, she drives daily content strategy to bring you the latest and greatest happenings within Alexa and the wide world of web analytics and marketing.
Jennifer Johnson
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    • Hi AlexHouse,

      I’m so sorry to hear you are having trouble logging into Alexa. Are you still experiencing issues? If so, I can have Customer Service reach out to you directly and help troubleshoot.

      Alexa Team

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    Great job with your tool and I am pleasantly surprised.

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    • Hi Joynal,

      Thanks so much for reaching out. If we do not display a Country Traffic Rank and country flag for a site, it means that, unfortunately, we do not have sufficient data to do so. However, if your site’s metrics are Certified you can display a directly measured Country Traffic Rank for your site. You can learn more about Certifying your site here:

      Hope this helps.

      Alexa Team

  • Hi,
    Alexa’s Traffic Ranks are based on the traffic data provided by users in Alexa’s global data panel over a rolling 3 month period. Traffic Ranks are updated daily. A site’s ranking is based on a combined measure of Unique Visitors and Pageviews. If you are interested, you can read more information about how Alexa ranks sites here:

    Hope this helps!

    Alexa Team

  • Hi Stella,

    Our Alexa SEO Site Audit is a great place to start. You can get a free trial (which includes a site audit) by signing up for our Insight or Advanced Plan.

    Alexa Team

  • Hi Tuan,

    Thanks for reaching out. The link below walks you through the steps to get your site certified:

    Please reach out to Customer Support if you are still having trouble.

    Hope this helps!
    Alexa Team

  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for reaching out! There is no need to register your site for Alexa to report traffic statistics. We report on all sites for which we have the data. We get our data from our own sources and based on that, we are able to create a comprehensive big-picture view of the web as a whole. If we have data on your site, we will report it. If not, we will display a notation of “No data,” which means that in the last three months, none of our users visited your site.

    If you wish, you can verify and claim your site on Alexa using our Self-service tools, which will enable you to update your site’s contact information at your convenience.

    Hope this helps!

    Alexa Team

  • Hi William,

    Thanks so much for reaching out. If you file a ticket with Customer Service, they can help troubleshoot.

    Alexa Team

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    Thanks so much for reaching out. Alexa’s traffic rankings are based on the past three months of global traffic measured from our global traffic panel and are updated daily. An overall traffic ranking of “No data”, or “No rank” indicates that none of our sources show visits to the site in question during the past three months (as of our last update).

    You can learn more about how Alexa ranks sites here:

    Alexa Team

  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for reaching out. Alexa’s traffic rankings are based on the past three months of global traffic measured from our global traffic panel and are updated daily. An overall traffic ranking of “No data”, or “No rank” indicates that none of our sources show visits to the site in question during the past three months (as of our last update).

    You can learn more about how Alexa ranks sites here:

    Alexa Team

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