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Customer Spotlight: How Overland Sheepskin Co. Builds Partnerships & Taps New Markets with Alexa

overland sheepskin co. slippers

Analytics is an undeniable part of the many strategic business decisions made each day. Sometimes, analytics shows us where we stack up relative to competitors. Other times, we call on analytics to help us pinpoint gaps in our strategy and opportunities to boost performance. For Overland Sheepskin Co., analytics is an important part of identifying influential marketing partners and growing its customer base. Continue reading

Customer Spotlight: How Recruiterbox Leverages Alexa Site Audits for Growth


In San Francisco, the ebb and flow of the city’s startup economy is apparent. People come en masse to the area for the abundance of new opportunities, and teams shift and change dramatically every month. With this ever-changing human resource makeup, San Francisco-based Recruiterbox aims to streamline and organize the hiring process, leveraging analytics as a key catalyst for growth. Continue reading

Customer Spotlight: Reverb


“Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded.” – Jimi Hendrix is an online marketplace for musical instruments. Unlike generalized auction sites like eBay, puts the musician and their unique orientation to the world at the center of everything they do. Speaking the musician’s language and sticking with it have certainly paid off for Reverb, which has grown from a global Alexa rank of 6.6 million in September of 2012 to a much loftier status of around 15,000 today.

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