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Keeping Score: The Data Driving the World Cup


There are few sporting events that capture a global audience quite like the World Cup.  In major US cities, it is nearly impossible to walk by a bar, restaurant (or office conference rooms for that matter) without seeing all eyes anxiously glued to the TV and overhearing raucous excitement when a favorite team makes a goal.  This inevitably leads to the topic everyone likes to analyze every four years – is this the year when pro soccer finally takes off in the United States?

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War of the Roses: Competition for Top Spot in the Online Floral Industry


Mothers Day – as well as Valentine’s Day – is a florist’s dream. These two days spawn the sale of more flowers than any other days of the year. So who are the big winners in the flower sales wars and why? In a comparison of four of the top online flower stores, all of the stores remain neck-and-neck for most of the year in terms of reach percentage and pageviews percentage. On Mothers day and Valentines Day, a few excel, but only one reaches escape velocity.

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Rev up Your Love Life With Web Analytics


Earlier this year, Stanford economist Dr. Paul Oyer released a fascinating new book entitled Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Economics I Learned from Online Dating.  In it, the author provides deep insights into the similarity between the various dating sites and more traditional market economies. Oyer proceeds to enumerate ways in which concepts like game theory and signaling strategies play out in these online social pairing environments. The inevitable thing is that the likelihood of successfully pairing with a person you find truly desirable depends a great deal on supply and demand.

Oyer stresses the need to participate in a “thick market,” that is a market where the population of those comprising a suitable demographic with ideal characteristics for you is as great as possible. So how can web analytics help you meet the person of your dreams?

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