To get as many eyes as possible on your content, it needs to be shareable. Shareable content quickly spreads around the Internet as audiences connect with a topic, idea, or story and click to share it with their friends and followers.

If you want your content to have a large reach and get maximum exposure, go through this shareable content checklist and use these tools to make sure all of your posts are primed for prompting readers to push the share button.

Tools and Tips for Shareable Content

Is the topic shareable?

At the core of shareable content is a great topic. Content that leads audiences to share incites something in their hearts and minds. It prompts an automatic response that makes them want to include and inform other people.

A study conducted by a team of UCLA psychologists found that people have an inherent desire to dispense information. We are wired to share, and there are certain ideas we are most likely to share.

“Our study suggests that people are regularly attuned to how the things they’re seeing will be useful and interesting, not just to themselves but to other people,” said the study’s senior author, Matthew Lieberman. “We always seem to be on the lookout for who else will find this helpful, amusing or interesting…”

As Lieberman notes, shareable content ideas are helpful, amusing, or interesting. They are topics that resonate with us so much that we think others will appreciate them too. To create these types of ideas, create content that is:

  • Emotional: Strikes a chord with audiences and makes them feel something.
  • Tied to Identity: Makes it easy for readers to feel connected and see themselves in the content.
  • Trending: Related to hot topics and latest fads.
  • Valuable: Provides answers, solutions, and helpful advice.

The best way to get good at coming up with shareable content ideas is reviewing examples of shareable content. Use a site like BuzzSumo to find shareable content and see what audiences are responding to in order to get ideas for your own content.

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Another tool to help you find shareable topic ideas is Alexa’s Competitor Keyword Matrix. You can see what keywords are popular in your industry by entering up to ten competitor websites and reviewing the terms that show up most in their content. The report includes frequently used competitor keywords which can spark ideas for topics that will be most interesting to your target audience.

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Is the headline eye-catching and shareable?

Once you come up with a powerful, shareable topic, you must make it easy for the reader to notice your great concept right away. You have to add a strong, shareable title to your content.

Headlines are so important they can actually trigger social sharing on their own. A study by computer scientists at Columbia University and the French National Institute found that 59% of links shared on social media aren’t even clicked on. People share them based on the headlines alone.

A powerful, captivating headline is essential in creating shareable content, so as you write titles:

  • Show the value. Be clear about what the reader will gain or learn.
  • Be specific. Be detailed about what information is included in the content.
  • Present possible results. Explain what the reader will get as a result of reading.
  • Highlight lists. Show that content will be easy to consume by publishing lists.
  • Include numbers. Catch attention by sharing how many items are included in your list.
  • Speak in the second person. Call out readers by using words like “you” and “your.”
  • Use keywords. Include the best keywords most likely to catch your target audience’s attention.
Headlines are so important they can actually trigger social sharing on their own. Click To Tweet

While it might be difficult to include all of these content writing tips, do your best to incorporate two or three of these concepts into your headline. For help with crafting the perfect headline, enter your best title in CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer. The tool will offer a rating for your headline with tips on ways to improve it.

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For more help writing compelling headlines, read our post: 12 Tips for Writing Headlines That Readers (and Search Engines) Can’t Resist

Are the images sized and designed for social sharing?

Images and social sharing go hand in hand. When available, social sites add featured images to posts on their platforms to make the content more engaging and interesting. So adding a dazzling, eye-catching graphic to your post will make it more likely to get noticed and re-shared. Buffer found that tweets with images received 150% more retweets.

Images also resonate with audiences because our brains easily consume visual information. A team of MIT neuroscientists discovered the brain can process whole images the eye sees in about 13 milliseconds. Graphics are, therefore, more likely to resonate with audiences than text alone.

To create shareable social media content, always include featured images that are sized and designed for social sites. Pair each post with a custom image for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

To see what your posts will look like on social sites, test them out using AdParlor. While AdParlor is primarily used as a drawing board for social media ads, you can also use it to see what your images will look like on a variety of social media sites and device screens.

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Is the content easy to share?

It’s not always the content that encourages audiences to share. It also has to do with the layout and options on the website itself. It should be no surprise that shareable content is published on web pages that promote sharing.

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Online audiences are less likely to share content if they have to work for it. You must make it easy on them to encourage them to spread your story around the web. Your website and content must be optimized to promote sharing.

  • Add social sharing buttons to all of your pages, so it’s obvious and easy for readers to take action.
  • Include call to actions that tell audiences to share throughout your content. At the end of a post, ask audiences to spread the word.
  • In the body of the content, include callouts that prompt readers to click to share.

To make it easy for readers to share your content via Twitter, use ClickToTweet to insert noticeable and simple-to-use buttons and messages in your content.

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Is your shareable content use to find in search?

Another way to make sure your content is shared is by helping it get found in the first place. Your content must be optimized for SEO so new readers can discover and then share it. Each page you create should be structured with SEO best practices.

To make sure audiences can find your content through search, use the following Alexa tools to improve your content and website’s SEO.

Use Alexa’s On-Page SEO Checker to review each page to ensure that it’s optimized for your targeted keyword. And, use the SEO Audit Tool to run a complete scan on your entire site to see where you can make improvements to site security, performance, and other key SEO factors.

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If you go through this checklist and utilize each of these tools, you can make sure all of your content is primed for both search and sharing. Following these best practices will ensure that you create more shareable content every time you hit publish.

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Ready to create shareable content that gets found in search?

To help your content gain visibility through search engines and increase your content’s chances of being shared, sign up for a free trial of Alexa’s Advanced Plan. It includes more than a dozen SEO tools for helping you optimize your SEO content and website, so it ranks well in search results and is found by new audiences.

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