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Here’s Why You Need to Use a Duplicate Content Checker

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Even if you think you’re consistently creating unique content, you may need a duplicate content checker. Many websites unintentionally publish repeat content, and this hidden error could lead to poor user experience and even drop your position in search rankings.

So use a duplicate content checker to find out where repeat content might be hiding on your site and how to identify and remove it.

Use a duplicate content checker to find repeat content on your site and learn how to remove it. Click To Tweet

What Is Duplicate Content?

Google describes duplicate content as “substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar.” In other words, duplicate content is copy on a webpage that is identical to the same copy on another webpage.

Duplicate content can exist in two ways:

  • On-site duplicate content is repeated on more than one page of your site
  • Off-site duplicate content is when the same content exists on different websites

Duplicate content may be easily identifiable or less noticeable. It can exist as exact copy on a landing page or blog post, or it could be hidden in the page’s code as repeated meta descriptions. It’s often created due to:

  • Obvious errors like copied or scraped content
  • Unintentional errors like multiple variations of the same URL or separate versions of www.sitename.com and sitename.com

Because unintentional factors can result in repeat content, you need a duplicate content checker even if you think you’re publishing properly.

Is Duplicate Content Bad?

Duplicate content can negatively impact your site in two ways. It can provide a poor experience for your users, and it can limit your site’s ability to rank on SERPs.

Duplicate content creates a poor experience for users and can limit your site’s ability to rank. Click To Tweet

Duplicate content is confusing to both users and search engines . Readers don’t want to see the same content twice, and search engines don’t know how to rank pages when similar content is on more than one page. Both of these factors can lead to lower search rankings.

You should use a duplicate content checker to make sure your content is unique and original and to follow best practices for SEO.

Why Does Duplicate Content Exist?

Duplicate content can be used maliciously. In an attempt to fill a site with content, publishers “scrape” or copy and paste content from other sites. Other times, publishers may use duplicate SEO content to try and manipulate search engines and increase search rankings.

While some black hat SEO tactics intentionally misuse duplicate content, most of the time, publishing duplicate content is not an intentional act. Publishers don’t know they’re making a mistake.

There are also legitimate reasons for publishing repeat content (republishing on guest blogging sites, syndicating content, using different versions of the same copy, etc.). You can use duplicate content in these ways as long as you follow best practices that let search engines know it’s intentional.

How to Check for Duplicate Content on a Website

The most effective way to check pages for duplicate content is by using software or SEO tools that can detect problems on your site. Because duplicate content can sometimes hide where you can’t see or notice it, an automated duplicate content checker can help you catch every string of identical copy.

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Alexa offers an automated duplicate text checker as a part of our SEO Audit Tool. The tool scans your site and identifies any instances of on-site duplicate content.

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It also creates a report with each URL that includes cases of repeat content, so you can easily identify and fix the pages.

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The tool also goes deeper into your site and reports on duplicate SEO meta descriptions. It scans every meta description on your site and includes a list of all URLs that use the same copy to help you improve your meta tag SEO.

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Once you know how to check for duplicate content on a website, the next step is resolving those issues. Depending on the errors, you can fix problems by:

  • Using rel+canonical tags
  • Using 301 redirects
  • Using noindex meta tags
  • Setting a preferred domain in Google Console
  • Setting up parameter handling in Google Console
  • Changing the content

Alexa’s reports include tips on fixing issues that are detected on your site.

Identifying duplicate content is the first step in fixing your site, so it’s more appealing to both readers and search engines. So use a duplicate content checker to make sure you identify all problems on your site and then outline a plan to resolve those issues.

Use a Duplicate Content Checker on Your Site

Stop wondering where duplicate content might be hiding on your site. Get access to a duplicate content checker through a trial of Alexa’s Advanced Plan. Sign up for a free trial and get access to the SEO Audit Tool that scans your site and produces a report on any instances of duplicate content on your site.

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Here’s Why You Need to Use a Duplicate Content Checker