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Find Competitor Keywords and Grow Your Traffic to New Heights

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Finding competitor keywords is a clever way to take your keyword research, and your site’s traffic, to new heights.

Discovering the keywords your competitors target:

  • Gives you a glimpse into what is working for them
  • Reveals new keywords you might not have thought of
  • Uncovers opportunities for you to create new content and boost your search engine rankings

Ultimately, when you find competitor keywords, you can find ideas for your SEO you might not have considered for driving new traffic to your site.

How can I find my competitors’ keywords?

You can use Alexa’s Competitive Analysis Tools to find competitor keywords. Once logged in, you can enter any competitor’s site and click on “Opportunities”. We’ll use starbucks.com as an example.

alexa keyword opportunities for starbucks.com

Here you’ll see two lists:

  • Keywords Targeted by starbucks.com’s Competitors
  • Keywords starbucks.com Should Consider Running Campaigns For

Keywords Targeted by starbucks.com’s Competitors

alexa results for starbucks competitor keywords

This list shows overlap between starbucks.com’s keyword strategy and its competitors. It will help you identify new keywords that you haven’t thought of that you might want to target too.

Here you can see all keywords that have:

  • Sent traffic to starbucks.com over the last 6 months and are also
  • Being targeted by starbucks.com’s competitors in PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns

Ideally, you should choose keywords that have a good mix of Competition and Popularity. However, you should also focus on keywords that are in your competitive range.

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For example, if your competitive range is 30-40, you might consider optimizing for cold brew coffee because it is in this range.

Keywords starbucks.com Should Consider Running Campaigns For

alexa keyword opportunities for starbucks

This second list will help you uncover new keywords to run PPC campaigns for.

You can continue to view opportunities for this competitor, or do a search for another competitor’s site. You could also take a look at opportunities for your own site. Just search, click the Opportunities tab, and view more recommendations there.

Clicking on any of the keywords in the list shows you a detailed view of its popularity, competition, and the number of ads run based on the keyword in the last 6 months. You can also view a list of competing sites that are currently running PPC ads for it.

alexa paid keyword results for iced coffee

What should I do with the keywords I find?

Focus on a couple of the opportunities you have identified. Create quality content or a targeted landing page that answers your customers’ questions or addresses a need. Effective content attracts more traffic to your site and earns you more inbound links. As result, your domain authority improves and your ranking in search engines increases.

You might also decide to run a PPC campaign for a promising long-tail keyword with lower competition at a lower cost.

Bottom Line

The bottom line: When you find competitor keywords you get insight into what has been successful for others. You also uncover new ideas to enhance your strategy and potentially reach a wider audience.

Ready to find your competitor’s keywords?

Keyword Research is available as a part of Alexa Insight and Advanced subscriptions. Sign up and discover new keywords today!

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Find Competitor Keywords and Grow Your Traffic to New Heights