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Fully Loaded: What you can do with an Alexa Advanced Subscription

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The long list of features that come with Alexa’s Advanced-level subscriptions might sound daunting, but really it’s like buying a new car fully loaded. Just get the salesperson to show you what you can do, and you’re ready to ride like never before.

You can…

1. Uncover your competitors’ online strategy

With an Advanced subscription, you can create custom comparisons showing your traffic stats against your competitors and save the reports for regular monitoring. Getting a deeper understanding of your competitors allows you to fine-tune your strategy in response to their actions.

See how their traffic stacks up to yours…

For up to 10 sites at a time, you can compare:

  • Historical traffic trends for up to 3 years (versus just 6 months on the Basic plan)
  • Traffic Sources
  • Engagement (Pageviews/ User, Bounce Rate and Time on Site)
  • Social Metrics
  • Full Demographic data including: Gender, Education, Browsing Location and Geography, Age, Income, Children, and Ethnicity

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2.  Analyze your competitors’ SEO and SEM programs

Delve into their organic and paid keyword action with our keyword research tool. Discover how popular a specific keyword is, which sites are getting the most traffic from it, and who’s targeting it for their PPC campaigns.

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3. Optimize your site and increase traffic

Our Full Site and SEO Audits comb through your code and provide easy to follow recommendations to improve your site’s performance. Advanced plan customers get reports with the most information, the most often – every two weeks, automatically.

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4. Get Certified metrics you can actually trust 

Adding the Alexa Certify code to your site enables you to precisely measure 100% of your site’s traffic. This ensures the highest degree of accuracy in your Alexa Rank and other metrics, which you can use to promote yourself to potential partners and advertisers.

Which plan is right for me?  Advanced vs Advanced High Traffic

For digital marketers, content publishers, investors, site owners, or anyone else interested in the analytics and insights mentioned above – the Advanced plan is a great one for you.

If your site gets a ton of traffic, we are excited to announce a plan just for you — the brand new Alexa Advanced High Traffic plan, designed to service large sites with pageviews between 200 million and 500 million per month.

With 100% access to our full Marketing Stack including SEO, Competitive, and Onsite Intelligence toolkits, the Advanced level is our most comprehensive plan tier — and still a terrific value. To learn more or sign up, check out our Plans & Pricing page.


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Fully Loaded: What you can do with an Alexa Advanced Subscription