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War of the Roses: Competition for Top Spot in the Online Floral Industry

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Mothers Day – as well as Valentine’s Day – is a florist’s dream. These two days spawn the sale of more flowers than any other days of the year. So who are the big winners in the flower sales wars and why? In a comparison of four of the top online flower stores, all of the stores remain neck-and-neck for most of the year in terms of reach percentage and pageviews percentage. On Mothers day and Valentines Day, a few excel, but only one reaches escape velocity.


Teleflora sees a slight bump in traffic during those days and FTD’s traffic does even a bit better, with 1800flowers getting an even bigger bump. The runaway winner for traffic on Mothers Day is ProFlowers.com. The site goes from parity (reaching ~.01% of all internet users) during most of the year to multiplying its reach by more than 13x and reaching nearly double the audience of its nearest rival.

What might explain this incredible jump in traffic for ProFlowers? Anecdotal evidence suggests ProFlowers may have slightly better prices, but is that enough to be a knockout winner? Other web traffic statistics may tell the story.


Engagement metrics are fairly similar between all of the sites, as are sites linking in (actually ProFlowers is dead last here) and traffic coming from search. The biggest difference is in Facebook Likes and Facebook Shares, where ProFlowers enjoys a 20x advantage in likes and a 5x advantage in shares compared to its nearest rival 1800Flowers.

Acknowledging that correlation does not always equal causation, it’s hard to ignore this huge disparity in traffic among these four sites – and the relationship between ProFlowers’ social strategy and it’s prominence on Mothers Day.


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    All fine and dandy, but what were sales, CPA, and ROI secret sauce?

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War of the Roses: Competition for Top Spot in the Online Floral Industry