When the success of your agency relies on a robust client portfolio, you need tools that help you understand your client’s industry, competitors, and audience quickly.

Whether it’s pitching an SEO plan to new prospects, or developing a marketing strategy for an existing client, you should always feel confident answering the question, “How can your agency help us grow our business?”

Alexa’s new Agency plan provides a complete SEO and competitive analysis toolset for crafting and managing holistic growth strategies for new and existing clients.

Use it to prove your agency’s value, earn trust, and become indispensable to clients. Keep reading to learn how Alexa’s Agency plan can help you be the champion of your clients’ growth strategies.

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5 Ways the Alexa Agency Plan Helps You Accelerate Your Clients’ Traffic and Growth

Comprehensive Competitor Analysis

To win and keep clients, your agency must have a deep understanding of your clients’ competitive landscape.

Using the competitive analysis tools in the Agency plan, you’ll be able to present a holistic view of a client’s popularity, traffic sources, audience, keywords and backlinks side-by-side in direct comparison to competitors.

Not only that, you’ll reveal gaps in their strategy they can fill to improve their share of voice and accelerate growth.

This insight will set you apart from the competition, help you win new clients, and be a primary contributor to their growth engine.

alexa audience overlap tool

Portfolio Management and Tracking

With the Agency plan, you can see all of your client projects at a glance. That way you can monitor for negative traffic changes or SEO problems that need attention right away.

project hub project management

Pro Tip: If you spot a change, you can dig into why it happened using Alexa’s competitor research. If something changed for your client, did it also change for the rest of their competitors? What caused the change? Do you need to make an adjustment to your client’s strategy?

The Project Hub also serves as your jumping off point into other Alexa tools for keyword or competitor research. Consider it your home base.

Better People Management

When all team members are on the same page, you can more effectively serve your clients.

With the Agency plan, you can assign team members to projects so you can collaborate on research to produce the best results. Keep the team focused on executing strategy and all eyes on client performance.

agency people management

Competitor Keyword Research

Deliver a keyword strategy that targets low-competition opportunities your clients have never seen before.

Using the Competitor Keyword Matrix, you can uncover new SEO keywords their audience loves and your clients haven’t targeted yet. This niche marketing approach will drive more loyal, qualified traffic for your clients.

Improve their share of voice and boost their performance with targeted and competitive keyword research that differentiates them in search.

competitor keyword matrix

Recurring Site Audits

Prove the value of your SEO services by uncovering missed opportunities for clients. Using the SEO tools in the Agency plan, you can quickly determine a client’s performance in search and where there are opportunities to optimize their content and website.

improve seo performance tour

When you pitch prospects, use the SEO Audit tool to create an SEO Audit report that outlines issues that may be keeping them from ranking in search behind the scenes. Being able to detail actionable steps for improving performance will build trust and prove just how valuable your agency is.

alexa site audit

The Agency plan is a win-win for your clients and your business. Use the Agency plan to:

  • Improve your close rate by identifying the most highly qualified, relevant prospects to pitch.
  • Reduce unbillable hours by slashing time needed for competitive research and surfacing insights.
  • Earn trust and loyalty by uncovering untapped growth potential and crafting highly personalized, actionable strategic plans.

Make Your Agency Indispensable to Clients

Be the trusted source of information and strategy for your clients. Spend less time researching and speculating, and more time uncovering valuable opportunities to accelerate your clients’ growth. Get started now with a free trial of Alexa’s Agency plan. You’ll get access to all of the tools and features mentioned in this post, including SEO Audit tool, Competitor Keyword Matrix, and more.


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