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Are you tired of spending your time digging endlessly for qualified prospects? Would you like a quick and efficient way to uncover new leads and viable business opportunities?

At Alexa, we’ve harnessed the power of our global panel of internet users to bring you an easier way to perform market research in an industry category, discover business or investment opportunities, and boost lead generation efforts with selectively qualified leads.

As a sales or business development professional, too much of your time is spent generating lists of vetted leads or drumming up new partners to pitch. And often it feels like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Now, using Alexa’s new Site Screener, you can discover the websites that match a specific set of filters that you define. With Site Screener you can look for sites that:

  • Are in a specific category
  • Get search traffic from a specific keyword
  • Are in a specific language
  • Have users in a particular country
  • Fall in a specific Alexa Rank range

For example, say you are a sales professional working on leads for an insurance company. You could use Screener to find sites receiving traffic from the keyword insurance and with users in the United States. Once you have a list that meets your criteria, you can export it and combine it with your other leads for further screening down the funnel.

Or, imagine you are a consultant that needs to identify authoritative influencers who might share or sponsor your client’s product on its website. With Site Screener, you can filter by Alexa Rank and other select metrics to create a strong list of potential marketing partners. By further investigating the demographic breakdown of these partners’ websites, you can confirm whether or not there is alignment with your client’s audience. If there is, you’ve just found a lead to pitch and an avenue to a new audience for your client’s product.

Site Screener comes to you as a part of our Data Lab program, which means you have exclusive access to the latest features our team of data scientists is working on. Data Lab projects are always evolving and your feedback is instrumental in future development. We’re actively working on improving Screener and will be adding many more filters in the coming weeks.

Site Screener is available in our Insight and Advanced subscription plans


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